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Career Opportunities through the
Houston Electrical Training Center
Start your Future in the electrical industry today! We are currently recruiting people whose positive attitudes and determination to succeed would make them an excellent addition to our training program.

No electrical knowledge is required to enter the Electrical Training Center Apprenticeship programs. If you already have 2 or more years experience, you can contact the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at 713-869-8900 for further job options.

Joining the Houston JATC Apprenticeship Program is a practical, viable way to obtain a career and take control of your future. Apprenticeship enables you to:
  Earn Excellent Wages While You Learn
Gain Opportunities for Advancement
Receive the Benefits You Deserve
Achieve Personal Growth
Get Satisfaction from Your Job
Earn College Credits
Belong to a Proud Community


Earn While You Learn     ^top  
With JATC training programs, you get paid to learn a skill while on the jobsite. If you were to go to college, you’d spend thousands of dollars for your education, and probably accumulate enormous debt that could take you a decade to pay off. With the Houston JATC Training Program, you pay minimal tuition and you earn while you learn.
As a JATC apprentice, you receive predetermined wages that increase regularly as you advance through the various levels of training, until you achieve journeyperson status and salary. Your pay increases are based on academic performance and on-the-job hours. These wages are some of the best in the industry. The average journeyman electrician earns $60,000 a year - that’s more than most people earn upon coming out of college.
Opportunities For Advancement     ^top  
When you take that first step to become an apprentice, you open the door to a career with clear advancement opportunities that can take you from journeyperson to foreman to owner of your own business someday. If you work hard and continue to expand your skills, the possibilities are endless.
Recieve the Benefits You Deserve     ^top
In addition to excellent wages, NECA/IBEW apprentices and journeymen also receive the best benefits in the industry. NECA/IBEW’s health insurance coverage includes not only the apprentice, but the apprentice’s spouse and children. NECA/IBEW’s retirement plans secure you a comfortable future through pensions that are 100% employer funded.
Achieve Personal Growth     ^top
In addition to the technical skills and knowledge you need to succeed as an electrician or technician, our training programs will provide you with personal skills you can use in your daily life. Our program sharpens your thinking skills and helps build your self-esteem and your sense of responsibility. As you advance successfully through the program, you gain confidence and respect from your peers as a contributing member of the “electric team.”
Get Satisfaction From Your Job     ^top
   The work of a union electrician or technician is uniquely satisfying and fulfilling. You’ll experience the thrill of flipping a switch and seeing your work come to life. You’ll have the satisfaction of seeing a building constructed from the ground up. Every day you’ll be reminded that your work is essential and important. Businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, and homes throughout the Houston area depend on the services you’d provide.
Earn College Credits     ^top
Not only do you get paid throughout your apprenticeship, but upon graduation, you’re also entitled to receive college credit for your training, through the American Council on Education. Upon completion of the Houston JATC Training Program, apprentices are currently eligible to receive up to 50 semester hours of college credit through the ACE program.
Belong To A Proud Community     ^top
As a member of IBEW Local 716, you become part of a community of hard-working professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life who are united in their commitment to helping each other succeed. As an apprentice, you work alongside seasoned veterans who help you through the learning process. Later as a journeyman, you continue to learn from your fellow electricians and even begin to help others learn. Working as a team, in class, and on the job, you make friendships that will last a lifetime.